He’s a pilot. He’s a gentleman. He’s well spoken. He doesn’t bite his nails. He’s single so he can host? He’s well endowed.

What is wrong with me?

1/ he’s old, all grey roots with an awful dye colour 😩

2/ he’s argumentative. He tells me he also has a law degree.

3/ he’s got bad teeth 😩

I’m picky.

Wandering today. Met my third guy at the State Library.

Whilst waiting for him I took photos.

Another dud . He lives near me and is an academic . Except he’s old 😩 dirty nails 😩

This was on the way to the vein guy this morning.

Considering I’ve only been on the site for two days I’ve had lots of replies. Too many, I’ve accumulated 10-11 pages of replies 😩thus I’ve taken my photo off.

I’ve also had to put in a foot note to say if I don’t reply within 24 hours then I’m not interested.

One guy actually wrote back saying he’s only got 5 hours left and it doesn’t look good 😂

He doesn’t know that I’ve chatted to him on AM already and ummmm no go 😂

Last night I sneaked out to meet one near by. He lives about 2 minutes drive away.

He looked all right. A bit boring. Sounds like he’s well to do. An explorer. He asked me to come back to his place for a cuppa.

In the end it was more so he could explore me lol. I left just before it got dangerous. Ummmm I should have looked at his photo properly before agreeing to meet.

His toenails are all off looking 😩 and he bites his nails 😩

So out of the three none hit the mark.

This one grabbed my attention. He listed his requirements for his ideal 😂 I had fun playing with my reply 😂


Loves dressing in lingerie, stockings and heels . None of above I like my birthday suit. Clumsy klutz so sandals and flats .

Is Vodka more than Bourbon Neither beer and champagne girl

Laughs more than laments hehehe yes

Likes Purple more than Pink ..Pink all the way

Wants Naughty more than Nice ..yes though I do try to be extra nice to balance out the naughtiness

Is Rock more than Rap ..Rock is all good

Wants Brains more than Braun hehehe yes brains don’t have a Braun actually

Wears matching bra and panties even when no-one is going to see them ..no bras and undies is ideal ..don’t like restrictions

Prefers coffee in parks/beach to cafes ..yes coffee and walkies

Is Submissive more than Dominant hmmmm this is a hard one . Like a man who leads but I love to ride

Described as caramel not vanilla hehehe not caramel or vanilla more like rum and raisins

Lusts as much as loves ..all the way or not at all.

Reads Vogue more than New Idea ..reads neither..

More Belle mags

Is 5 star hotel instead of camping ..definitely 5 star.

Wants Fuck opposed to Fun nah no way want fun and fuck

More right brain than left ..both realistic but intuitive

Prefers Porn to 50 shades hehehe 50 shades bore me to tears ??

Wants her needs met as well as pleasing ..yes for sure

Most of all understands that profiles or ideal partners don’t define us and conversations do

True ..your profile grabbed me. Don’t judge until meet though not into S&M and weird stuff lol

Here goes nothing😂