I’ve given the responsibility of researching routes to my oldest. What I would do is give her the address and off she goes.

*photo from the internet.

We are staying near city hall MRT. Thus we always need to go to Dohbi Ghaut to change trains. It’s a pain. The Singapore government must like to make people walk.

From one line to the other one has to walk a very long way. The oldest would go first with the youngest then me then my boy. He’s clueless. His sisters were like come on you made us missed the train. Even mum is faster than you. Yes, I did run like mad down the escalator top heavy.

It’s only 3-4 minutes in between train and they were whinging. And I was like you guys made me run for nothing. Slow down.

I’ve learnt a lot this trip. Armed with a smart phone my oldest is quite direction savvy. She has lead us to food without getting lost.

This morning we decided to try Singaporean food.

What you do is add soy sauce to the eggs. Stir them up and then dip your Kaya toast in it to eat. A bit like having bacon on maple syrup pancake. It’s sickly sweet and savoury. It’s weird. I didn’t try. I ordered a French toast with kaya instead.

This place was a chain hence expensive. It was $4.80 a set. A set had toast, eggs and a coffee or drink. Tonight at the noodle place the same set only costed $2.50.

For lunch we went to the National Kitchen to have Peranakan Food.

Taro dumpling, beef rendang and chicken. The first item on the menu in the main section.

Stir fried mixed vegies in a prawn bisque, eggplant sambal and taro dumpling close up.

Waiting to be seated. The restaurant is right inside the gallery.

It’s a beautiful restaurant. I loved the tiles on the floor. Once in awhile there was a gold tile.

*Photo from the internet. See that table just as you enter the door? That’s where we were seated. We were lucky to grab a table since we didn’t reserve one. It was a 15-20 minutes wait.

You can look at the description of what we had below. The kids liked the beef and the eggplant . I loved the dumplings. Not too firm or too soggy . It was cooked just right.

Click to access National-Gallery-Lunch-Dinner-OCT.pdf

After lunch we went to see the Impressionists exhibition. Loved it especially Renoir and Monet.

We’ve done well today.