The flight was in a smaller plane. It felt a bit claustrophobic but not the smallest plane I’ve been in.

The smallest plane I’ve been in was only an 18 seater?

That was all good.

The airport was out of nowhere with a little hut for shelter. Ummm a bit bigger than a small hut but that was it.

The only mode of transport to town was a shuttle bus. At 900 baht for the 5 of us I thought it was a tad expensive but there’s no taxi around.

Then we got dropped off at our abode. It had a little sign reception 120m away down a lane way. I was dubious.

Not the luxury we are used to but it will do for three nights.

It had a bathroom.

And AC.

At $550AUD total for three rooms for three nights it will do.

Sukhothai noodles. A tad too sweet for our liking but after an adjustment with some fish sauce and vinegar it tasted not bad.

We went back for seconds and I earned a very big smile from the cart owner/cook.

She served hers with prawn crackers, wonton wrappers and fried pork fat. You’re supposed to dip it into the noodle soup when you’re ready to eat.

It turned out Sukhothai is a street food haven. If you love street food this is the place to be. Very cheap too. A Thai sausage costs 10-20 bahts, a bowl of noodles 30 bahts, pancakes 25 bahts, sweets 5 bahts . Bag of jackfruit 20 bahts.

Considering 24 bahts to $1 AUD our dinner ended up being $10AUD for the five of us.

Their fried banana pancakes are quite different. They break an egg , mix it up and put the banana slices in it before putting it on a paper thin roti like dough.

Dessert . Jelly slices and sweets packed in banana leaves.

And this is what they look like inside.


Jelly with a salty coconut milk topping on top.

I’m sitting here waiting for my family. On way to find our tour place for tomorrow we happened to pass by a massage place.

They are all having a foot massage at 200 baht for an hour of massage.

Guess it’s not so bad here after all.

Tomorrow we’ve got a bicycle tour to the historic park 12km away. Here is hoping I can keep up as I haven’t been on a bike since I was about 10-12 years old.

Here is to challenging myself to something new. I remembered I loved being on a bike. Just the fear of falling down keeps me off one these days.

Plus in Australia only kids can ride on the footpath not so adults. With roads so busy and cars speeding I’m not gamed.