We have managed to do a lot and not much as well.

I managed to secure a driver and we went to the famous railway market. Apparently by selling on the tracks they don’t have to pay rent.

It’s very crowded. All tourists and most of them Chinese.

We had a quick breakfast and went to have a look.

This is just minutes before the train arrives

I couldn’t get a good shot as I was too short.

This is how they clear it quickly. The goods are on trolleys that can be wheeled in.

After the train market we continued on to see the Damnoen floating market. It was 1500 baht per person to hire boat and driver.

It’s something you’d do once to see what it is like. To me it’s the ugly side of tourism.

The renting of the boat was a rip off as is. Then the driver kept on insisting to stop at various stall even though we didn’t want to. It was awful. Tourists everywhere. We were stuck in a boat jam for a good 15-20 minutes inhaling toxic fumes from the long tails.

Everything was expensive . Pineapples that you can get for 20 baht was marked up to 100 baht.

This coconut ice cream was 60 baht.

My son wanted a scarf. He asked how much? The owner said 650 baht. We told him no it’s too expensive. She told him what price you like? Up to you. He punched in 300 baht for two scarves. She went down to 500 baht. Then 400 baht.

In the end I was relieved when he said no. The story was he said to us I was generous offering her 300 baht for 2 as my scarf I bought in Phuket was only 100 baht.

If you do go to Damnoen go for the experience. Do not buy anything there. Unless you know the price already as there are no price stickers.

River life. My youngest was feeling sick from the fumes so I asked the boat to go back to driver . He wanted to stop at another stop. We have had enough by then.

After Damnoen we headed to Amphawa to have a look and to have lunch.

Damnoen was to waste time as Amphawa is an afternoon market.

We liked Amphawa market better. These desserts costed 20 baht each. They were yum. The one to the left was sticky rice with taro and coconut. The one to the left was taro and tapioca and coconut.

The boats come in for you to buy food or you can buy along the river side. The prices are marked and more reasonable. The crowds are the same.

Amphawa is best in the late afternoon as when it’s dark the firefly come out. We didn’t stick around for it.

We found some tiny crabs as a snack. They are a savoury but sweet and salty all in one.

To get from Bangkok to the three markets takes 1 hour if you go at 6:30am. It’s about 80km from Bangkok. Then it gives you an hour for the driver to park his car and you can go buy breakfast.

The train comes at 8:30am and leaves at 9:00am thus all the tourist buses come around this time as well.

Our taxi driver charged us 2000 baht for the day which I thought was more than reasonable as his was a big taxi.

The long tail fare for two hours costed 1500 baht each thus totalling 9500 baht for the trip excluding food.

To go on tour is about 10,200 baht but you’d need to go not at your own pace.

The driver dropped us off at a fashion mall.

There was a market out the front . I went exploring as inside was claustrophobic. People everywhere.

Found some food . It’s expensive so I didn’t get any. Was still full from lunch.

The never ending traffic.

We caught the MRT to the pier. Then waited for the shuttle boat. We waited 30 minutes for the shuttle as the queue was very long.

Dinner for around 100 baht. We had miss the 7:30pm show and wanted to catch the 9:00pm show.

Since we got to the pier at 7:17pm and waited so long we had about 10 minutes to eat.

The Calypso cabaret was a bigger production. Also more expensive than the other one. I paid 1200 baht each or if you book tickets online it’s 900 baht. There’s a complimentary drink that went with it.

The girls were all pretty so much so it’s mind boggling. I can’t imagine them being boys once.

The other show was more kids friendly. It was in Chinatown at Shanghai Mansion.

Only a small set up. Family orientated and costs around $20 AUD. Very easy to get to from MRT . Take MRT to Hua Lam Phong and it’s about a 5-10 minutes walk.

After the show there’s a bar with live music and plenty of street food to enjoy just down the street.

To compare the two shows is like comparing oranges to apples. If I had kids I’d go to the cheaper one as it had a magic show with it and Disney themed songs.

If I wanted something more classy and adult theme then Calypso is it. Calypso is by the riverside and is part of Asiatique.

Asiatique is a big complex of higher end restaurants. It’s worth going and spending time there .

Try to go early so less people and can eat dinner and catch the early show at 7:30pm.

By the time the late show ends the shuttle boat line is horrendously long. We power walked back to the BTS as I was worried about missing the last train. It took us 25 minutes.

Luckily for us there was a train still at the platform. We ran to catch it as I think the last train was 11:20-11:50pm and we still had to make a connection.

I was thinking if we don’t make it we will just have to walk it. In the end we made it to the hotel around 11:37pm.

Why didn’t we take the taxi? You can only fit four in a taxi. It would have meant being in two taxis or tuk tuk. The queue was long there too and well 25 minutes was not so bad.