Hamper done. Red packets loaded. Flowers and fruits for the altar sorted.

Just in case you’re wondering why there’s a note there. It says Do Not Eat 😂

I’m ready as I’ll ever be.

Hair not cut.

Floors not mopped

Laundry all washed but not yet sorted.

And well the house is still a mess but what the heck. It will be a mess throughout the year anyway.

As for the fruits I couldn’t use

Peach: translated means to dig

Pear: means to drag

Oranges: means to suffer/sacrifice

Bananas: means to dive

Mango: means to spread out

Fruits in demand:

Watermelon: the redder it is the better. Stands for good luck.

Paw paw: means enough so fingers crossed next year will yield enough.

Pineapple: means smelly nice. Don’t ask me why lol a year full of nice scent and no B.O?

And just realised I don’t have any watermelon.

Might have to get hubby to get one.

So here is me to you all.

Happy Lunar New Year. Hope it brings lots of luck and multiplies your joy by infinity.