Told hubby if he comes in early like 9pm every night for cuddles then he might get lucky.

He came in at 9pm and the first thing he wanted was me to suck his Junior. Asked him to wait so I can go brush my teeth and have a quick wash. A few minutes later came back to find he’s gone on his lap top.

Chinese movies no doubt. So I went on my phone.

Then as soon as I turned the light off he’s all over me. Told him no.

He walked off in a huff with his lap top. Not before telling me he’s never going to come in to bed early again as it was a waste of time.

He couldn’t wait 5 minutes. That’s what hurts.

What hurts more is that I felt like a whore. If he only took the time to cuddle me. If only he didn’t shove his cock in my face asking me to suck him.

If he didn’t do those things then may be he’d have gotten lucky and I wouldn’t be writing this.