A volunteer asked me the process of taking out a blind person. They are a newbie and has never taken anyone out before.

In between doing paperwork I help out answering queries that the volunteers might have.

Here is my reply.


The buddying up system is just to build up confidence in the volunteer. Most people need just that little bit extra.

The process is to go to SCS TAA to meet 👤 Just tell the staff that you’re there for 👤.

Introduce yourself and offer 👤 your arm. 👤 will tell you which arm 👤 would like to attach to.

If 👤 has got too many bags offer to take one. Only offer if it’s a light or small bag (I tend to offer to make it a bit easier for the client) (optional)

Take 👤 to the tram stop on …..street. Warn 👤 of any differences in the ground level like there’s a step up or down etc so 👤 doesn’t trip.

If it’s very crowded, stop walking so people can see you and make way for you.

Go to the very front of the tram stop so that the driver see you and allow you time to board the tram. Always cross at the pedestrian crossing.

Ask people to stand up for a seat for 👤 if there are no seats available. Most are obliging.

When it’s the stop before you both have to get off warn 👤so 👤 can get ready.

Only stand up to get off when the tram has come to a complete stop.

Note: When boarding the tram 👤 gets on first. When alighting you get off first.

👤 is very independent and can get around by themself. You’ll only be a guide to speed up the process.

👤 is also very chatty and great company.

I’ve attached a great video from visionaustralia that you can watch. I always watch it as a refresher when I need to take out a vision impaired client.


Please let me know if this suits.


Last week I kind of bribed the volunteers that if they accept a shift to a far off place (about 45 minutes by train) they can go explore the Asian cuisine.

Thus when one told me they wanted to go exploring I sent them a map of the suburb and the markets surrounding that area with names of restaurants and dishes that they should try.

I just received an email back to say thanks for the tip as they thoroughly enjoyed the outing.

Sometimes it helps to make the shift as enticing as I can so I can sell it off to the volunteers 😂