In 5 years time, today would not matter. A guy I’ve just met told me that.

It’s a mean to get to where I want to go. It has to be done.

I think I’ve got the grit to get it done. Though I’m floundering.

We had a bad year last year and well it keeps on coming.

They are taking us to court with regard to the bad business investment. Hubby is in denial. I’m dealing with it.

He’s left it since when we got back from holidays and has not touched it.

Today I took over and rang the firm. Found out the story of it all and trying to get them to give us time to pay that 90K.

On the writ we have to come up with the money by 28/3/18 which is next Wednesday or we go to court which means more money for the lawyers.

I told her look your first letter reached us on 16/1 we were overseas. On the letter it told us we had 14 days to comply ?

Then the next thing we see is the writ?

What happened was we were supposed to either default and pay the whole lot or pay interest on the loan and keep going.

Well they never gave us that choice. I told her we never received any correspondence at all so it’s unfair to just dump it on us.

Anyhow she’s going to look into it since a lot of other people have complained to her about it.

Here is hoping it gets better. Been thinking I should volunteer more to wad off anymore bad luck.