I went to my favourite cafe for breakkie. Since I was the only one there we got talking.

Found out their names and why they opened there. Got the whole story. Just two guys trying to make it work.

The chef told me he’s been away on a private yacht for nearly a decade. And well coming back he didn’t want to work for someone else.

After breakkie I went to grab groceries. With good intentions.

Then came home didn’t do much. Got volunteering sorted. Bought a voice booster.

Mr Ute came for a visit. And he could get it up 😂 except I had my monthly 😩 I think I like him. He’s old but he’s nice and he’s gentle too.

I was already on the street before I saw a Ute entering so turned back to talk to our plumber.

He showed me stuff and then I left for my walk.

And guess what? The sun was out . I wasn’t cold at all. What a beautiful day it turned out to be. Have faith.

I should come down more often.


My favourite place

Beach bumming

Plovers playground

Someone can’t spell 😂