Yesterday I convinced hubby to go walkies in the city with me. It’s me trying to research where to go to work out my tour itinerary.

There is this cool app that you can download and off you go. We explored most of the Docklands yesterday. Most as we missed a few and we didn’t get to finish since hubby was really behind at work and wanted to get back to it.

It’s a public art trail.

Etihad stadium. Yes we are football fanatics

How cool is this? It doubles as a playground.

I think I’ve taken this from the wrong end šŸ˜‚

Business meeting anyone ?

Life contemplation ? Away from life?

The cow in the tree. Our floods.

Aqua lung

Lots to see that I haven’t seen or have seen but never took notice.

And more

This one looks like a scary bunny.

I’ve been here before with my walking buddy. It’s in the shape of a vessel. Symbol of migration.

Australia is an island continent thus we all pretty much came here by ships or boats before planes took the rest.

This weird shelter that’s not really a shelter.