Is a real turn on. I’ve always liked smart guys or rather streetwise guys.

I think I’ve found him. Since last Thursday Mr Boardie and I have been at it like rabbits. Not breeding just having sex.

He came down to visit me on Thursday night. Stayed til morning and went to work. We both were like zombies as we woke up early to ummmm play.

I couldn’t make up my mind but I knew I didn’t want him to risk driving back down on Friday night after only a few hours of sleep so I drove to his place in Melbourne. We went out to dinner. Came back and played.

Played again Saturday morning and I left him to drive home. Then yesterday we went walkies together and back to his place to play.

He then dropped me off at the station to catch the train home.

In the car he said will touch base about the coming week.

I think I know his strategy. He’s keeping me busy so I don’t have time for anyone else.

He’s naughty as. He tied me up the other day. Since his bed didn’t have posts or anything I naively asked him how did he tie people up?

Well I shouldn’t have as he’s an engineer. And engineers are good at solving problems because he then showed me 😩

He had a long rope that he threaded underneath his mattress and that was that.