Today I went wandering again.

Had to meet at the historic centre for the tour.

Its was near a park and look what I found? Water fountain for humans and for doggies.

Inside the centre. It used to be a home called Northbrook.

The walls.

I just love the detailing

In another room

How ornate is this trim ?

We found old homes in a row. This is one of the better ones with heritage details still intact. Note the bricks.

This one has been painted. Apparently once painted they can stay painted.

An old church. I’ll have to come back one day as I want to see it in detail.

Another church. I love churches,

Tram depot. This is one of the biggest one in Australia. It can house up to 200 trams. Might need to drive by about 2-3am to see them all in.

Old shops that I passed on the way to the station.

And more

We could go on forever

And I think my favourite

Just to remind us all. A sign at the station

They are all different