Mr Boardie came down and we went to Little Creatures for dinner.

Then home for bed. I did warn him that my period came in the morning. Just so not to waste his drive down if he’s only expecting sex.

He kind of surprised me. He said later on that he was tired and didn’t feel like the long drive but didn’t want me to feel sad that it’s all about sex.

So I went to buy my fish nets and a short skirt for the show πŸ˜‚

Put these on after dinner and well he bent me over my dining table and F me hard.

We made a mess as I was bleeding lightly.

This morning I sucked him and he said to me well what’s next?

The option was him fixing himself, anal or into the shower for more F.

In the end I popped a towel on the bed and we had anal.

Oh he’s good . He’s very very good. I didn’t feel him come in as in there’s no pain whatsoever and ummmmm it was delish. I think I might want anal more often 😍

Guess I’d better strut my stuff more often then.

He told me I’m in this outfit. Sexy and slutty at the same time and he couldn’t resist πŸ˜‚

This morning I walked to grab coffee and a little sausage roll. Then we cuddled then got up for breakkie.

We walked to breakkie and then down to the beach.

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He’s since driven home. I’m going to send him these photos πŸ˜‚

I’m sleepy. Not sure if I want to drive back or go catch up with colleagues.