Last night he cared. He sloppily kissed me again. He said he’s immuned as he’s had his flu shot. He told me don’t give him crap about him not allowing to kiss me because he might catch my cold.

When we went to prepare for bed he showed me my towel all laid out for me.

I think he cares. He snuggled up to me in bed and popped his arm protectively over my body. It’s weird. I don’t sleep like that with hubby. We would cuddle and then separate to each sleep on their side of the bed.

Thinking back I’m trying to remember. I’m sure earlier in our relationship we’d make love and fall asleep with him inside me.

Funny how things have changed. Funny how Mr Boardie has somehow got to there. I couldn’t sleep last night. I was just lying there thinking about the three of us. What will become of us? This love triangle.

It made me sad.