I’ve been busy trying to get the house ready for the photos on Tuesday. It’s nearly 3pm on Saturday now.

Our floors are done.

Managed to buy a rug from Ikea. My old manager came over with her husband to help me move furniture and they’ve bought my rug to put underneath their dining table 😂

The floor cushion was from my sister when she moved to New York.

My artwork was from Hawaii. Look at all the colours.

She reminds me of my youngest. Same look.

Can you guess my colour scheme? 😂

Work in progress. I think they should all go together.

The pink room. Got the cushions at half price $25 each.

The blue room. The feature cushions were on sale $25 instead of $50.

Very happy I found the right shade of towel for layering. It was on sale for $5.

I’m stuffed. Still got lots to do. It’s slowly coming together.