The years of a marriage doesn’t show how bad or good it is.

Yes there were happy times but the sad times were there too. My grandma told me when I was younger that I’ll be doing a lot of crying in this life.

Wow she was so right about that. Our marriage was more tears than laughter.

My grandma and grandpa and me.

The reason she said that was because I have a beauty spot near my eye. Just like hers.

I guess he was hanging on for the kids. They were too young to be without a mum.

I guess I was hanging on thinking we’ve come this far. I was too stubborn to think that it wouldn’t last.

Lately I’ve been second guessing myself thinking may be he never loved me. If he loved me he wouldn’t treat me with disrespect.

He told me a while back I’m only staying because I can have the lifestyle I want.

That is probably the reason why I asked for a divorce. I don’t want to stay to be thought of that. It demotes me to a gold digger.

And no I’m not a gold digger. I’ve worked hard for my money.