I consider for him. And yet he doesn’t consider for me.

I asked him to consider moving into the rental since he wanted to keep it. The oldest can move in with him. She can help him with the cooking etc. He still works here thus it’s not like he will be missing out on the other two kids. Plus it gives me the opportunity to look after them. Ie cook, clean etc whilst the youngest is doing her VCE.

His answer was no. Yet he’s been pushing me to take the rental knowing full well about my knees.

He told me he will sell it to his friend in VN. Over my dead body. I’m not having any shonky business going on. No money laundering or whatever else.

Told him if we are selling we are going through the proper channel. Going through an agent so everything is on board.

We’ve been married for 24 years going out for another 4. Lately? I don’t know him. Divorces bring out the worse in people. Guess you don’t really know someone until you divorce them.