Well nearly. He’s been cooking all week except on Monday. The kids have started washing their own dishes after dinner. They’ve also started washing their own laundry.

Things are slowly falling into place.

Our mezzanine is now fixed.

I’ve still got to dust and get rid of the glass. We ended up shattering the other three panels as there was no way to get them out.

They were wedged between the beams and well at 150mm deep it was just too hard. It would have meant removing the floor boards and what ever else.

Today I emailed to ask for details of a job that I’m interested in.

The manager I knew from another job. We used to work together. Anyhow she said hand in my resume and she’ll see me next Wednesday to discuss about the position. Nothing formal just coffee.

Sounds promising though no great loss if I don’t get it. I like it as it’s two full days but at different hospitals and the Sunday is only 3.5 hours. Plus the days don’t clash with my classes.

Anyhow it will be like coming home since I used to work at one of the hospitals.

The reason I applied is because I want to keep a foot in the door. I don’t want to lose out on pharmacy. The pay is not bad. Just finding somewhere with part time work is hard.

Plus since I’ll be divorced I need an income to go to the bank to sort out my mortgage.