I’ve deleted both FB and Kik app off my phone. Going to go without them to focus and get things done.

I’ve got assignments flying everywhere and well work too.

Mr Boardie has gone off racing. He’s not back til Monday. Lately I’ve been thinking may be I should let him go too.

It’s more I’m becoming too dependent on him when I shouldn’t be. He’s just a FWB.

I should cool off a bit and leave him be. If he wants me he knows where to find me.

I’ve also looked at dating sites. It’s like a mine field. Last night I checked out speed dating. Apparently it costs $40 for the night. They serve you a drink and nibbles. And off you go.

Dating sounds awful. Goodness me. I need someone that don’t mind me in my PJs not that I wear any.

Have never been a dressed up or make up girl. Bores me to tears.

One of the vollies said to me it’s not so easy to train a newbie. He meant a new partner. It’s not easy to stay with an oldie either.

I’ve gone cold in my heart and I don’t know why. Am I cold? Or am I just numbed so I don’t hurt anymore?