It’s so close. The rental has had a lot of interests. Three groups went through the first open and 6 through the second.

Three have asked for contract with one party thinking of making an offer.

Fingers crossed as I’ve found a place in Port. Here is hoping my stars align themselves so I can get a place of my own.

As for the beach house, a couple from the UK is interested. They’ve popped their place on the market thus it’s just waiting. If they sell they can then buy ours.

It’s all happening. I can’t wait for the year of the dog to be over. It’s been a really crappy year.

I’m off to work for an hour then off to Chaddie for coffee. It will be nice to see him again though not keen on the exchanging of bodily fluids. He’s been hinting. I’ll have to sort him out I think.

I told Mr Boardie I’m not interested. He asked me why? I told him I’m attracted to Caucasians. He then gave it to me about whites and bigger cocks.

So I let him have it. It’s not like all have big cocks 😂 Plus a big one might look nice , feels good in my hand but not practical.

It’s like seeing a mansion and it looks great and thinking how the hell I am going to clean it? 😂