I’m P Off at him. Came home to find he’s told the agent he’ll sell the beach place with all furniture included for peanuts. It’s worth 900K He’s selling it for 850K.

I’m like what the? Some pieces are from our apartment that I’ve brought down there to display.

Some I’ve promised family that they can have. Some I want to keep to furnish my new apartment.

I bought all expensive stuff. The kids beds were like 1K each. Lounge 4K. My unit was like 1.2K. Just looking around, to replace them would mean I have to fork out like 10K.

I can’t afford 10K or more like I don’t want to. They are great pieces and why replace when you don’t have to?

Annoyed that he didn’t even think to ask me. He’s keeping all the furniture in our apartment so the hidey hole furniture belongs to me.

So P off at him. People wonder why we are separating. Well this is why…

No communication and no respect. It wouldn’t have taken much to just ask me.

His reply to that was oh I couldn’t contact you. Well I’m at work? I don’t answer my phone? It stays in my bag?

Arghhhhh I’m so mad at him. Have since emailed the agent to tell him what I thought of the whole damn thing.

One good thing we’ve signed the contract for the rental. It’s sold. Now just the beach house to go. Then the debts can be settled.