We went exploring yesterday. I didn’t pan for gold. You can see the tourists panning trying their luck.

This is an interactive living museum of the 1850s when gold was discovered in Victoria.

You’d need to spend the whole day here. There are lots of activities to do.

Ballarat had lots of alluvial gold. The nuggets were found elsewhere.

The squalid conditions in Ballarat was awful. Ballarat is either cold or very hot. I wouldn’t want to be those miners in a tent on a 40+C days there.

I gave up half way and went to cool down in a cafe. It was very windy and the dust was just terrible. I suffer from hay fever and the dust didn’t help. It was 28C yesterday and I didn’t last long in the heat.

On the bright side that was our second last assignment.

One more to go and I’m done.