Not sure why I am so angry at him. I blame him for the stuff up of the selling of the house.

He offered them the house for 850K with the furniture included and the spa an extra 5K.

Considering the house is worth 900K by itself!!! The spa was only a few months old. It was 7K when we bought it.

I’ve had to go and changed the inventory list and so they went back to 850K from their original offer of 857.5K.

So I’ve told the agent loud and clear look I’ll sign on 855K and that’s it. I do not want to negotiate anymore.

He then rang me half way through the day saying they wanted the dining table and chairs. I replied it’s not available as I’ve promised it to my aunty and I do not wish to go back on my words.

After work I found the contract for 855K but they’ve gone and changed my inventory list.

I was livid !! What the? It’s like haven’t I got my message across? It’s black and white on the paper?

I’m over the petty haggling and negotiation. I told the agent yesterday that I was upset enough to take the house off the market and not sell. Stuff their commission.

I’m over it. I have a feeling the sale will go through regardless.

With it going through means I’m free to move on. That’s the only reason I’m still here. I just want to move on. Make a new start. I’m over and done with this divorce.

It’s starting to go from amicable to heading south with no return.

I have a few auctions to go to this Saturday. The two apartments I can see myself living in. I’ll still have to wait til the end of December to be sure . The subject to finance clause does not end til 21st of December.

If all is good I can set out to go buy. Except there’s nothing to buy at the moment. Not much stock on the market.