Yes I was so vain I wore stilettos to the Christmas dinner.

All night I was worried I might fall over. Though it was nice being a few inches taller. It felt like I was on stilts.

Today I’ve got blisters to show. I did look pretty damn sexy in them.

No more stilettos for me. They were just uncomfortable and terrible to wear. Give me flats any day.

My classmate was happy I made the effort . He said I looked stunning. He’s been flirting with me. Anyhow on the way home on the train he said to me we met at the wrong time. Then later on he said I know I’m not your type.

I confirmed it. I told him look I married someone that wasn’t my type. I’m not doing it again šŸ˜‚ I meant date someone that’s not my type šŸ˜‚