You think prices have dropped. Nope. Not in Port Melb . This one went for 685K. The rich bitch could have got it for 680K . If not for a sweet old dear with her walker and all her walker friends 😂 She bidded up 681K so it was countered at 682K. Then an agent in his cheap suit and bimbo girlfriend came in at 684K.

It’s funny , the agent probably didn’t have any money as he was the first bidder at 580K 😂 the auctioneer went right up 625K vendor bid.

Very entertaining. I’d hate to be the rich bitch’s neighbour. She told everyone she hates the old dear for one up on her.

Lucky for the old dear as I couldn’t see how she can climb into that bath tub or how she can entertain her group of friends in that tiny living area? 😂