It was so much fun though I was green in the face for awhile. The down side was the food. Couldn’t stomach it. As for our group I think we over did the fun bit 😂

My little penguin

Last cocktail before we disembark.

I splurged . Upgraded another $22 for lobster tail.

Me at a cocktail class.

This turned out to be my favourite. It’s called Top Deck and contains bailey, absolute vanilla, caramel syrup, cream and chocolate powder.

I’m stuffed. They had rock n roll last night and well I danced all night.

So very tired today and an early start at the hospital.

The teacher reckons I’m ready to be a tour guide. She’s offered for me to shadow her a few times to learn the ropes. Then I can start accepting jobs.

How cool is that?

Will post more photos when I have time. I brought along my SLR so they are all on there. Didn’t take much with my phone.