I’m a great believer in that if you rear your kids properly then they are set for life.

A little discipline doesn’t hurt. I don’t hit them. I’ve always found other means. If you’re scared of the dark, into the loo you went. They were too short then to reach for the light switch.

If you love playing games, your game boy was confiscated.

If you are scared of the dogs, out into the garden you went.

Case of who’s will is bigger than who and they should know better. Mum’s will is humongous.

They also played us against each other. I got wind of that and that was that.

Once boundaries were established that was that. They abided by my rules. It made life pleasant for everyone.

Tonight his best friend’s kid followed his dad here. I came down to work to be confronted by them.

The kid was naughty as and was screaming his head off. His dad did not utter a word. I told him off and I left. Can’t stand naughty kids.

And there was hubby trying to discipline him. Lol.

As for my kids they are no angel but they will do. I need to remind myself I did something right in this life. I’ve got 3 great kids that I can be proud of.