One thing about travelling is you need to be organised. I’m not too good away from home. I hate living in a suitcase.

Tomorrow we are off again. I’ll have a chance to wash my clothes at the next hotel.

I now pack my washing bag for any overseas trip.

It comprises of 6 clothes hangers from Daiso. They are light and small. Clothes pegs, an iron, shampoo for washing clothes, clothes line. The wash bag itself is one of those dry bags. It doubles as my wet clothes carrier or if the sink is too small I use the bag to wash my clothes in.

After washing I roll them in the hotel’s thick towel to get rid of the excess water then hang them in the bathroom or wardrobe.

I am tired of the heat already. Not one to acclimatise easily. Last year I ended up with a horrible heat rash in Thailand.

Looking forward to KL. We will be there for 3 nights. The kids are bored. KL should keep them entertained.

Night market (Jonker St). It’s really weird that yesterday Melaka was like a ghost town and today it’s swelling up with tourists.

We had skewers for dinner at Ban Lee Siang. You just grab the skewers you like and then dip them in the satay sauce pot to cook.

I don’t want to think about it. As I have a feeling the satay sauce pot is there at the table all night? What if someone double dipped?

It tasted good though. Fingers crossed we don’t get the runs πŸ˜‚ . With all the boiling hopefully the bacteria are all killed πŸ˜‚

Afterwards we went and had pancakes at The Daily Fix. I think the durian ones were the best. The pandan came a close second.

This was my pandan ones. Inside is gula Melaka or palm sugar. The little dish had coconut and gula Melaka. The ice cream was charged extra.

They reminded me of the Japanese ones called Dorayaki.

Coffee and pancakes costed us close to 120RM whilst dinner costed 46RM including drinks.

Tomorrow we will go back to the Kopitiam for breakfast.

The car will be coming at 10am. The car people have confirmed and since I changed the time from 8am to 10am they’ve charged me an extra 50RM.

This Booking was iffy as I had to pay 200RM through Western Union as a deposit and the rest to the driver.

I only emailed her yesterday again to confirm. She sounded legit.