My tops are fixed. I bought these last year for my new job. We have to wear black and white corporate wear.

Anyhow just discovered lately I’m pretty bad with work tops. They’d always be covered in pen marks.

Somehow I’d end up with a whole patch of pen marks around my belly. It only dawned on me that the pharmacy basket that I carried around was the culprit. The pens in there would jiggle as I walk and since I don’t cap them gave me dots.

Last night one of my SIL told me a trick she’s learnt off an old lady. She said you’d need to spray it with hair spray and rub it with a rag.

I tried and it didn’t work. So I upped the spray used a wet kitchen paper towel and whola it worked.

I need to wear one of them on Sunday for shadowing. I’m shadowing my teacher for one of her tours.

It’s my foot in the door for tour guiding pretty much. Once you’ve shadowed they expect you to guide. Hence why I bought in Port. The cruise industry is huge and is growing exponentially here.