Plan B:

The kitchen people thinks it’s going to cost me 10-20K. What a load of crap. I’m not paying that money for melamine crap. Not that I have that much to spare.

So I’m going to get this custom made. Should cost about 3K or there about. It’s beautiful messmate.

I have asked for 900mm height, 600mm wide and 1600mm long.

The two drawers will be 250mm deep and 500mm wide.

It will be my island bench.

As for my cabinetry I’m going to get the wall bed people to do it for me.

Today we are going to shop for a new mattress for hubby. I’m swapping our old one into the wall bed and that way he can have a nice new one for his.

Then off to Ikea to get a shoes cabinet. I like this one as it will fit into my little niche just outside my bathroom (300mm and 780mm). It will double as my hall way table.

I’m also going to look at their orange dining table and their kitchens.