Think of this?

I went to the apartment last week to have my blinds measured and quoted. It was then that the designer showed me my TV box sitting too close for the blinds to drape down to the floor.

So I’m going to get it moved by the electrician when he comes to install my fan.

This morning it’s like a light bulb came on.

1/ I can’t put my sofa there since the TV point is there.

2/ I can now move the cabinetry to the other side of the room for the wall bed which means I can have 600mm deep cupboards

3/ also because of the switch I’ll have more room to move about. The existing cabinetry is 900mm wide. My sofa is 1000-1100mm wide.

4/ which in turns mean I can move my island bench out to give me room to walk around the island.

Win win all around. Why didn’t I think of this before? 😂