I’m going furniture hunting. The place doesn’t open til 11am. It’s now 10:09am.

I’ve been looking at their online store and wondering if the table looks good in real life. I’ve bought their bench seats to go with my dinner bench. Now that it’s not happening I need a table to go with those seats šŸ˜©

It’s been painful. So might just be lazy and buy the table to make the set. Anyhow it will be a nice morning out.

Today’s forecast is 37C which is about 98F. It is going to be a great weekend.

Then it cools down next week. Looks like Summer will be with us for a bit longer.

This is the table I’m looking at. I love industrial furniture. What I’m not sure about is the edging. And if the legs will be too much with the bench. I’ll see how they set the table up. I need 6 seats. Worse comes to worse I’ll get 2 chairs to go with my bench seats


I like this set too from Harvey. If I get this set then I’ll use the bench seats against the wall as extra seatings. I love the

clean lines.

It’s so close I can smell it. We are the crazy Aussies who have labour day Monday week. And not all states celebrate the same day either šŸ˜‚

Wednesday is settlement for my hidey hole.

Thursday picking up the keys and cleaning.

Friday my white goods are coming. My carpet getting installed.

Sunday we are moving by truck.

Monday public holidays

Tuesday I have a car stacker induction meaning I can’t park my car in the basement garage just yet. Not until after the induction which is a real pain.

Electrician coming to install my fan and power points. Note to self. Need to tell him where I want them.

Getting exciting.