To meet. Mr UK came and stayed. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

If he had waited til June I would have chickened out.

In between cuddles we talked quite a bit. I gave him advice about his life and he gave me mine.

I told him he was taking the easy way out. His overseas love interest is not going to work. She can’t move and neither can he without impacting their little ones.

Unless he moves back to the UK to attempt a relationship with her.

His local love interest is a bit like his ex. Which he feels doesn’t fulfil all of his needs. He was at a dead end with both of them.

And then there’s me. I’m the tri factor. I know about the other two but none of them knows about me.

His colleague from work knows about all three of us. Just in case he didn’t make it back from Melbourne. The common thread? We are all Viet.

As for my advice? He kind of told me straight to my face. He told me if I keep on going down the same path I would not get anywhere. That men will keep on using me. To suit their needs.

I’m mourning tonight. I’m mourning my marriage. I’m mourning Mr Boardie. I’m mourning a life I’ve been living for decades.

I’ve gone in and deleted all the apps. Even Kik which I’ve had for so long.

The next step I’m going to take is to change my phone number.

A clean slate. No more sleeping around. No more affairs. Who knows? I might find someone that loves me enough to take me to Paris for my 50th. If not I’ll still go to Paris anyway.

I want to be in Paris next year when I celebrate my birthday. I’d told Mr UK that.

Once I get a new number he’ll disappear as well. He won’t be able to contact me.

No one will be able to.