I’m gathering my paperwork for the accountant for tomorrow.

Paperwork, questions to ask etc etc.

I’m freaking out a bit. I’ve been so sheltered that it’s embarrassing.

Also whilst going through my emails I realised I sent a personal one to my pharmacy valuers. It was meant for someone else 😩 it had all that was going on in my life at that moment in time. My bad.

Yet I can’t remember anything about sending it. I must have been so stressed.

Either that or I pressed send in my sleep, very highly unlikely as that email was long as.

I’ve sent an email to Mr Boardie saying I feel bad and wants a proper good bye face to face. It will be nice to see him again.

He said he’d be happy to.

Meanwhile Mr UK won’t be back til Sunday. I’m having second thoughts as I’m horny as 😂