Last Sunday when I was at Mr Boardie’s we caught up on news.

I told him what I was up to and he commented that I’d be right.

That I’m a high achiever πŸ˜‚ I wonder what gave him that idea? Or perhaps it’s me graduating from being able to zoom around in my garage, being able to conquer my car stacker to driving a golf buggy and getting through the barricades with no problem.

He drives the buggy as well so he must know how tight they are.

Mr UK reckons I don’t have enough self esteem and yet Mr Boardie thinks I’ve got tons of potential.

Guess I know who I should stick to. Someone who will uplift me.

Funny how things become so clear. Mr Boardie believe in me.

I’ve become much stronger being near him. He’s always been encouraging.

All Mr UK does is show me my faults. I know what my faults are. I don’t need them amplified.

Now I know who I’d rather be with. Someone uplifting.