We’d met through a dating app. It’s one of those that people goes on to seek extras.

I was bored and well off I went. Not sure why I’d agreed to meet. He seemed okie and guess he pushed?

I only ever goes for married men. My bad but I had my reasons. One they are better behaved or trained. Two they are attached not like crazy singles that wants to end up with me as I wasn’t available.

Call it what you want. A bit on the side and that was it. I wasn’t going to steal them more so only borrowed them.

I met him at a cafe near where I used to work. I was scouting for my tour guiding assessment.

Can’t remember when? It must have been end of March as it was getting cooler? He had a shirt on and a jacket on top.

He looked not so put together and like a dinosaur lol I was like ummmm no way.

He was nice to talk to except I didn’t feel any physical chemistry. I just thought he was old old.

He also lied on his profile saying he was married. He was single.

On top of that we found out we volunteered for the same mob! I was a volunteer. He was on the board 😂

It made him much older in my eyes and it gave me a way out.