The girls came over last night for dinner. I made home made rice drops soup.

Then we chatted. I told them about big Al. We agreed that I should dress casually like going out with friends. No trackies etc.

My oldest gave me a make up lesson 😩 I suck at make up. I do it in 3 steps. 1 eye shadow, 1 blush, 1 lip gloss and that’s pretty much it.

After dinner we went to have frozen yoghurt. They weigh them here after you’ve popped all your toppings on.

My youngest tends to sleep over as I can take her to ice skating in the morning to save her time. It’s only a 10 minutes drive from my place as opposed to an hour from the other house.

We did it today without resorting to the GPS though Wurundjeri way still will be the death of me. It’s that light yellow road that splits everywhere.

From where I am (direction of City Chrysler) I have to head over the bridge.

It splits into 6? Or more lanes? 1 to go to the M1. Two to go down my end but I have to work out which one? One goes to the Bolte bridge and another one to the Westgate? And one to turn off somewhere else.

It’s crazy..I never remember which lane to take to end up where I’m supposed to be.

Thank goodness at 9am there’s not many cars or else I’m stuffed. I won’t be able to change lane in time to turn.

After lunch I’ve got to go buy a pair of fish nets for tonight’s speed dating. I want to chicken out but what the heck. It will be an experience.