We talked again tonight. He’s well spoken and now I know why. His dad’s a doctor and he went to Scotch college.

Now Scotch college is ummmm one of those!!

Scotch college equates to ” prestigious” It’s got a history and important alumni.

He asked me where I went ? and so I told him.

I went to a State school. Mine was prestigious too πŸ˜‚ It’s a selective school πŸ˜‚

Nah I didn’t say that. I just told him where I went.

He’s suggested the Museum and the National Gallery Victoria (NGV) as locations where we can go.

He also knows where I work very well as that’s where he grew up.

I’m intrigued by him though there are warning signs. Not into grumpy men or big pot bellied ones.

We are off on another date on Saturday. We are off to Russell St. I’m thinking Ramen and then walk up to Carlton to have ice cream.

He wants to go to Princes Park to watch footy. I might head into Brunswick or go exploring, researching.