My legs are killing me today. I’m up ready to leave in another hour. I think I over did it just a little bit.

The trams only run every 30 minutes on a Sunday.

Thought I had to be there at 9am but it’s more 9:30am as they are giving us half an hour to get our coffee.

I’m not having any. I can’t think of anything worse as to drink coffee and then no toilet break for 2-3 hours.

Guess I’m not as young as I used to be. But it was so much fun last night. I’m paying for it now.

It’s great as we were all the same age group. The music was good too. The guys were okie. No one I wanted to take home. Well may be one.

There was one there that told me I should come early so I could take the tram and not drive as I only had water.

He lives down the road from me. Well about 10-15 minutes drive.

The host danced with us. Apparently it’s a rarity as he’s very shy. He’s always decked out in a suit so everyone knows he’s a host. He makes all of us dress up for his events.

He looks okie. Anyhow I found out from my new friend he’s very awkward. She said it’s a turn off.

As for the other guy she was chatting to he lives in the whoop whoop in the country. He told her he was catching the 2am bus back which means he won’t get there til early in the morning as it’s 2-3 hours from Melbourne.

I love meet up. It’s like there is a group for everyone. You just got to go find your crowd.