I need to slow down. Slept in again today. It’s been a hive of activity the last few weeks.

Off to the city to collect my reserved books. Tomorrow I’m at work, Thursday and Friday at home so the plasterer can come and sort out my window.

It will be two days of staying at home to research for tour guiding hence I have to go grab my books today.

Then I’m off home to cook for the kids. Already thought of what I’ll cook. It will be noodle soup with Hawker Chan’s char siu so it’s a quick meal.

Home early to sleep early for an early start tomorrow.

I thanked Mr Walkies yesterday for making me feel special. Hoping that I make him feel special too.

He wrote ..Yes every time. I like it when you give me little kisses and hold hands on our walkies.

I’m dreading this weekend as I need to have a talk to Bob the Builder. It’s been niggling at me. I’m scared. We get along really well.

  • I don’t want to lead him on and the rate we are going it’s too fast. The more I get to know him the more frighten I am.
  • He thinks he’s gotten over his issues yet he hasn’t. It’s still there. I don’t want to be at the receiving end of it.