I mean how hard can it be? I asked them to not deliver on a Wednesday. So they delivered on a Thursday and of course I wasn’t home.

They left me a note to log on to the website and choose a day for delivery. Thus I chose today.

Imagine my surprise when the company sent me an email to say there has been two missed deliveries. One was yesterday? I mean which bit of do not deliver on a Wednesday did they not understand? And I did request that they delivered it today ie. 20/6/19.

I rang and gave them a piece of my mind. The support person got back and told me they can’t possibly deliver today but they could tomorrow?

I was like what the F???? So I told him I’m around but I do not want to waste the day hanging around. Thus they will have to give me a 2 hours window. Of course he rang back and told me 1-3pm.

Meanwhile the plasterer overheard my conversation and asked me if I was available tomorrow so he can come and sand the wall.

I was like yes I’m free all day as I blocked it out for him. I just didn’t want the delivery people to know that so they’d get their crap together.

I mean how can you run a business when you’re that incompetent? Useless idiots.