We started the day off with me picking him up from his apartment.

And of course he hasn’t had his coffee or breakfast. I brought snacks but we didn’t have any. He bought a coffee and a sausage roll at a local cafe before hopping in the car

We had a tasting at 4 pillars. Let just say it was the first time I had gin neat. I liked the bottle with the black label.

He likes the bottles at both ends.


Then we went walkies.

How cool is this?

An old station and engine.

And we wandered through a park. It’s beautiful and romantic. He plopped me on a bar and stared into my eyes. His hands were roaming.

We had lunch at The Old Bullock Dray and walked back.

He wanted steak, mash and a wine. I wasn’t fussed as I had a big breakkie. It turned out their serves were humongous.

Then went to see some art at the art museum.

It was disappointing as. $10 entry was a bit rich. I paid for us as he paid for the tasting and lunch.

We were hoping for dessert but they only had set menus.


After that we grabbed ice cream and drove home.


I dropped him off at his apartment and he invited me in. It was a nice spacious apartment. And he’s a neat freak. His apartment was neat as.

We had a hot drink each and cuddles. He kept on trying to kiss me. I kept on dodging. I don’t know..kissing will bring it to another level and not sure if I’m ready for it.

We talked. I let on that I’m not ready. That I’m scared. He wanted to talk more.

I nearly missed Ramen and Jazz.

I barely made it out. He wanted me to cancel my activities and stay with him.

He asked me to come back after jazz.

I kind of regretted it somewhat for I ended up with a parking ticket at the Jazz venue 😩 there goes $97 buckaroos.