The love birds..I think it’s of the artist and his wife.

I love his work. It’s whimsical.

Another ..lovers. He got burnt in the bushfire.

The swagman

I have a feeling he bases all his work on his wife. She’s his muse.

This last one is a fairy tree I found in town.

I’m not thinking straight today. The photos above are of our visit to Marysville and Healesville.

I took the kids on a day trip yesterday. Since my tyre blew my oldest drove us around. She wouldn’t let me drive her precious new “secondhand” car despite it being of the same make as mine.

First we went to Bruno’s Garden. I was very impressed that he’s added heaps more to what was there last time I visited with my parents

Then we had lunch at Innocent Bystander

It was yummy. We had paella, short ribs, spicy pork pizza, pickled vegies and calamari.

My son wanted a tasting paddle. We tasted Rose, Syrah and Moscato.

I also bought 2 bottles. My son wanted one and one I’m giving to mum.

After lunch we walked down to the gin place. My son had a tasting and the girls listened in.

Whilst they did that I rang the lawyer so she could finish off our deed.

It was 4pm by the time we got back to the car and it was a short trip to the ice creamery for ice cream and then home.

I’m stranded here until my tyre comes in. I don’t know when?

Bob The Builder wants to meet today. So will need to head back after the lawyers.

Thank goodness she’s near by. Worse comes to worse I’ll walk there.

No cooking for me today. I cooked last night.