I drove and drove today.

We started off dropping my oldest at the hospital for a tour. I then took the two young ones to Mill Market.

My son ended up finding the PS2 microphones and a controller for $25.

The kids love going there and so do I. Lots to see and buy. Though I can’t buy anything as I don’t have room for it.


After picking up my daughter we went to have lunch at Little Creatures


We didn’t have time to visit the You Yangs so I took them to Buckley Falls. Will do the You Yangs another time as it needs a few hours.


Then back to their place. I groceries shopped and cooked us all a big pot of soup.

They should have enough for tomorrow. I’ll come back on Saturday to cook again or we can go out.

It’s now 9:45pm. Bed time for me. Looking forward to seeing Mr Walkies tomorrow. I need cuddles badly.

Here is hoping the tradies come late so we can ummmm have some lovin’ 😂 Worse comes to worse I guess they can join in 😂