I’m better this morning. The apartment is less of a mess. I’ve stowed away my boxes in my cupboard for now.

No use unpacking as they will have to come back to redo the cabinetry. Which means taking it all apart.

I woke up early and am tackling my CPD. It’s an awful topic to tackle but one I would like to do.

My parents are getting older and well we all get there in the end.

I might give them a copy to read so they are more aware. It’s quite informative as it lists all the resources available. It also lists what is expected at end of life.

I’m not trying to scare them. I think the more information we have on the topic the better we ourselves are prepared.

Aim for today is to finish the CPD. Note down all my CPDs to date.

Then it’s off to collect my parcel and collect mail. I can get some netting for my fishies at Spotlight or Bunnings.

I might try Bunnings later so I can get a sausage or two 😂 It’s cheap lunch $2.50 will get you a sausage in bread complete with onion and tomato sauce or ketchup. Plus it’s for a good cause. The community groups usually runs the sausage sizzles to raise funds for their organisation. It ranges from Scout groups, sporting clubs to schools etc.

After that might go visit Bob the Builder then head home to have dinner with the kids.

I need to stop calling it home as it’s not my home anymore. My apartment is home now.