My electricity bill was $408 for the quarter. I was like what?

Mr Boardie was like $150. My cousin told me hers was similar. $40 a month or something.

But then they work full time and never home.

I’ve got kids coming overnight. Plus I cook and wash a lot.

Guess no more heating or using the dryer.

I’d better rug up.

Either that or go out more. Was thinking may be go to the library to study.

I’ve been trying to recover from a cold. That’s why been turning the heater on. Now that I know I’d better sort it out.

Mr Boardie is a Tasmanian. He doesn’t feel the cold.

I did quite a bit yesterday. Happy that the kids’ study is sorted.

I’ve moved all my card making stuff to my storage cage. Next bit is the photo frames to go on my walls.

I’ve also moved the money over so I can pay for the wall bed. I’ve also paid myself rent. It’s what I’ll live on. That and my pay from the hospital.

Have emailed the blinds people to come out for another measure and quote. I’ve decided to get blinds for the bedroom. Some privacy for me.

Today I’ll try to get a few more journals done before going to the MCG. I’m slowly getting there.

Bob the Builder wanted to meet for brunch today. He didn’t realise I have to be very early for my shift as a driver.

The game starts at 1:10pm but we need to be there at 10:40am. We need that half an hour to get ready before we have to start ferrying people to the gates.

The link is about our service.