People tend to ask me why I only work one day a week and if I worked elsewhere?

I told them no. I’ve got rent and one day a week is plenty if I stick to my budget. It’s not a high income but if I can make it work I don’t have to work more.

Plus what’s the point of working more? It will bring me into a higher tax bracket? Which means less money in my pocket and more in the government’s?

The only down side is if I lose my job I’ll be stuffed as it’s very hard to find a one day a week position.

Hence why I have to keep on accepting relieving work to keep me viable. To be valuable to the organisation so they’d keep me on.

I’m dreading the next few weeks as a week of 8-6pm of work doesn’t appeal. Considering I have to get up at 6am to go to work makes very long days.

The other question they tend to ask is have you got the potential to work more? Mostly men to gauge my liability 😂 Of course I can work more. All I have to do is ask for relieving work.

My ex used to tell me off. He tells me look other people don’t have a job and here you are with work handed to you on a golden platter and you don’t want it.

This is why he’s an ex now. He doesn’t understand that at this stage in life I don’t want to accept any work? I want somewhere that I’ll fit in. Don’t mind how much they pay me as long as it’s within reason. I want to work with great people and in a nice environment not a toxic dump.