My new toy so I can bring stuff from the storage up to my apartment and vice versa.

My partition. It’s an office line. It’s to hide my laundromat inside my bedroom. I’m going to reupholster it when I have time. I’ll layer it with pins as it’s a pin board.

Mr Boardie is popping over tonight after landing at 9pm to help me set it up. I’ve managed to screw the legs on. It’s really heavy.

Told him I’ll shout him dinner but since he’s landing late this will have do.

He loves sweets. Got citrusy ones for him. Apparently he loves citrus more than chocolate. And he did have a box of brownies my youngest baked the other day 😂

I also popped by Uncle Tetsu to buy this for work tomorrow. My tech is going to Japan at the end of the year for a holiday so this is for her to try. She’s always buying me stuff. I like my department. There are only three of us 😂 My in charge is never there. She leaves me notes. Thus it leaves me and my tech.

I was bored all day so took off this evening to the city. I didn’t leave til 5pm and got home about 630pm. Been moving boxes to my storage. Have had enough of them.

It’s really nice living so close to the city. I just take off at a minute’s notice and behold all the goodies to come home with.

Also sneaked in a rum baba crema for me. It’s laced with rum and has custard inside.

No wonder I’ve been putting on weight 😂