Now I know why I don’t work full time. Brings back memories.

Good memories and bad memories. My knees and ankles are feeling it today. I’m through 60% of my relieve stint. Only 3 more days to go.

One thing for sure I’m not as young or fit as I used to be.

Yesterday was hellish. In the morning I had enough time to get eye drops for today done.

Then the patient that was supposed to get better got septic so back on IVs. After organising that we checked on our Botox.

My order the night before wasn’t released as end of month so it’s on hold. Luckily the hospital near by had 2 in stock to add to our one in the fridge so called a taxi.

I also rang the doctor’s room to alert them. To give us more notice as we can’t get them in on time. They come from Sydney so takes 2 days at least šŸ˜©

Had to ring on our mobiles as our external phone lines were down šŸ˜©

The tech had to chase up our registration so head office could order stock for theatre.

To add to that the special care nursery wanted a mixture made up. It’s an easy mixture just very fiddly šŸ˜©

Then scripts came flying everywhere. I couldn’t settle the hospital til late afternoon.

Let just say I couldn’t settle at all because as soon as I thought everything was under control it went out of whack again šŸ˜©

Then theatre can’t find their stuff and keep on ringing for extras.

Staff wanting their million of scripts filled and wanted then and not later as they’ve been naughty and left it to the last minute.

They get huge discounts from us hence why they order.

Chemo scripts came in which we couldn’t put through. I’ll leave it to the in charge as it’s like a 30-40K script and if it doesn’t go through we’d be in big trouble.

Today is end of month. My usual mad Wednesday. I tried to get as much done yesterday possible but looks like I’m in for another mad Wednesday.

The tech is stressed as the poor thing had so much to do still. I told her yesterday do your stuff and I’ll do the scripts. It meant both of us were stuffed.

The list today looks okie but I’ve still got the patients from yesterday with no discharge meds. They weren’t written up when I left at 6pm last night.

I was in the lift with one of our doctors last night. She’s in her 50s? She said to me I should retire hehehe. She also said I need to make a quick get away before they figure it out.

I told her I’m aiming to finish by 6pm šŸ˜‚

When you work in a hospital it’s a challenge to get out on time. If you can make a quick get away you’re doing well šŸ˜‚

Guess I’m doing well despite everything because all week I’ve managed to get out at 6pm šŸ˜‚