Today was crap. Today made me question my trust. My results came back positive and I’m wondering who gave it to me?

I’m like hmmm. I’m very careful in that I don’t trust easily. The guys I sleep with have to wear a condom.

If one breaks I get myself tested just in case. Unless I can trust that they are clean.

My body is very sensitive in that any changes I know straight away. This time I sat on it. It’s because I was too busy working and I couldn’t get it checked out.

It’s not the infection that bothers me. It will clear up with antibiotics.

It’s the trust issue. I can’t do this forever going on antibiotics to clear things up. I’m over it.

I felt really down today. Felt like I can’t trust anyone anymore. The people I trusted broke my trust.

From now on? You get the drift 😩

I felt dirty today. I felt used. I felt miserable.